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Cash For Scrap Cars Melbourne
Scrap Cars Melbourne pays cash for any model vehicle- Ford, Mercedes, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Holden, Honda, etc.  Our service include car, van, truck and all other types of removalist services, including vehicle salvage and disposing of your unwanted or non-operational vehicle, offering you cash for cars, on the spot. 
Scrap Cars Melbourne is a reputable company based in Melbourne VIC and we will put cash in your hand for that unwanted vehicle of yours, without you having to even step outside your door!    

Why Sell Your Car for Cash?
Scrap Cars Melbourne is a car removal company Melbourne that specialises in removing all types of vehicles like cars, trucks, vans, 4wds, utes and even boats and pays top dollar for your vehicle. 
When you sell your car for cash with us, the process is hassle free.  We do all the tough work, so you don’t have to.  There’s no having to advertise the vehicle for sale, or meet with potential buyers, or even deal with all the red tape.  We have a quick, easy and hassle free process that can be completed in a matter of minutes. 
Selling your car for cash means you don’t have to deal with unwanted junk in your yard, or the expense of finding a buyer.  Within minutes, you can have the cash you need in your pocket to upgrade your old clunker into the new vehicle you’ve been dreaming of. 
The best part about selling your car to us is your car doesn’t have to be in mint condition.  In fact, it doesn’t even have to run, provided there are salvageable parts.  We also collect auto parts, so if you only have scraps of your vehicle left we may be able to make a deal, as well!
When you sell your car with us, even if it is in pieces, you get:

  • Cash in your hand!
  • Have the money to upgrade to a new vehicle, put away for a rainy day, pay off bills or take a vacation or shop!
  • Convenience.  You don’t have to find a buyer and you don’t have to lift a finger.  We come to you and do all the work!

How Does It Work?
You simply let us know you are interested in selling your car for cash.  We will then require a few details on your vehicle and offer you a free and instant quote for your scrap car.  The quote can be obtained via telephone, or you can fill out our instant quote here on our site.  Once we have determined a price for your vehicle, we will the contact you to arrange pickup of your auto. 
We will require proof of ownership and a copy of your photo ID.  That is all there is to it.  We do all the paperwork, loading of the vehicle and within minutes, you have the cash in your pocket, and our friendly hauler is on his way back to our place of business. 
We are a professional Melbourne car removal service that provides on the spot cash for your car. 
The ease of our service includes:

  • Free car removals pickup
  • Available 7 days a week
  • Old car removal, even the clunkers that don’t run
  • Accept vehicles delivered to us

Call Scrap Cars Melbourne today and have the cash you need in your pocket as early as this afternoon.  We accept all types of cars, trucks, SUVs and other types of vehicles and all makes, including Ford, Honda, Mitsubishi, Mercedes, Toyota, Mazda and any other make around!  The process is simple, and Scrap Cars Melbourne are the professional you can count on for a deal without a hitch!  Just give us a call or get started her on our site and we’ll contact you shortly after receiving your “submit a quote” form. 

Mobile: 0434 988 004

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